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last updated 12/16/2013

Not ready to jump from a plane or a mountaintop?
Try ParaSailing, it's easy!

Parasailing is flying from a parachute that is attached to a boat.  The cable remains attached the entire time.  The rider is secured in a harness and does nothing but enjoy the rush and the view.

That's my daughter with me, off the coast of Tybee Island, Savannah, GA.  Yes there probably were sharks in the water below us, but we also saw giant turtles, rays and dolphins in addition to the reef.

The 2 pics below show the view of the boat from the parasail, and the chute from the boat.


Preped to Parasail

Prepped to Parasail
View from the sky
View from the Boat

On the way back to the dock we were accompanied by a pod of dolphins.  It was the same route fishing boats use and the dolphins were there expecting scraps, unafraid of people. 

Dolphins Ready for Treats
Dolphin's Grin

I like the shapes of water created by dolphins as they locomote in and out of the water.  The shapes will no doubt show up in my sculptures one day.

Dolphin Waves 1

Dolphin Waves 2